Our catering staff will provide you with a light lunch, together with refreshments and snacks throughout your stay. Hot drinks are available for your companion, but we cannot provide visitors with lunch. Food is available for visitors in designated areas around the hospital.

Catering in general

Our hospital offers a variety of meal choices to meet the patient’s differing medical needs.
We have a knowledgeable clinical team of registered dietitians to ensure your nutritional needs are met.
Please let us know before your stay if you have any special
dietary requirements


There are two buffets operating within the area of the Institute. One of them is in a central place next to Building “D” in the courtyard. The other one is on the Ground Floor Building “H”.
Opening Hours:
Building “H”:
Monday-Thursday: 7:00 -14: 00
Friday: 7:00 -04: 30
“Udvari” Buffet:
Monday-Friday: 7:00 -17: 30,
Saturday-Sunday 07: 30 -17:30


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