Medical Tourism

WHAT IS THE Medical Tourism Association® (Medical Travel Association)?

The Medical Tourism Association is a Global Non-profit association for the Medical Tourism (travel service for patients, medical travel, health care tourism).

The Medical Tourism Association® also referred to as Medical Travel Association, is the first membership based international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry made up of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment.

The key to success of Medical Tourism Association® is the transparency in quality of care and pricing, the communication and  the education.

The MTA co-operates with governments, insurance companies, employers and other buyers of healthcare with a focus on providing the highest quality transparent healthcare service at their partner organisations.

The MTA is also committed to transparency in communication. On the one hand towards consumers about their options internationally for medical services and treatment and about any relevant information. On the other hand  towards  healthcare providers as they are given the information and education in order to increase patient volume.

The Medical Tourism Association communicates through its own forums such as the printed and online version of Health & Wellness Destination Guides and through the internet portal:  which is the most visited  by healthcare consumers .

Education and Training

The Medical Tourism Association offers educational training and other brand-development programs to hospitals, healthcare providers and  governments who actively take innovative steps towards developing medical tourism  industry and increasing international patient volume.


Collaboration of the  Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital and Outpatient Clinic and the  Medical Tourism Association


The  Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital and Outpatient Clinic has been member of the US-based Global Non-profit association since 2015.


Medical tourism is the most rapidly developing sector of the healthcare industry.


The Medical Tourism Association – MTA – has 15 regional delegations, 300 member institutions in 100 countries. Co-operates with governments, healthcare providers, insurance companies and employers.


„At our Hungarian member institution, the  Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital, we have found offered all conditions that international patients require:  well trained physicians and sanitary staff working at high level of quality at an institution accredited according to international standards.” – said  Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the association.


The  Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital and the  Medical Tourism Association both are committed to providing the highest level of quality of healthcare according to the actual state of Medical Science. This co-operation in medical tourism helps to realize common goals and improves both the national and international structures. Its achievements set examples to be followed for the other participants of the industry.


For international patients  Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital is ready to provide any kind of fee-for-service fulfilling their requirements in terms of both the professional knowledge and the affordable charges, at the earliest possible date. By the revenue proceeding from medical tourism we not only provide the same quality service for our local patients but increase the level of their treatment as well. All members of our staff are dedicated to execute their remedial work with respect independently on any cultural differences.”- said MD.Phd. Attila Bodnár, Director General





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