is to improve the state of health for the population of the Budapest districts X and XVII and for patients from outside the area according to the current state of Medicine at the highest level possible taking into account the financial and material conditions of the Hospital.

The modern Operation and Diagnostic Block of our Hospital allows us as a part of an advanced healthcare structure to attend our patients at a European level. Our modern, wide scale Diagnostics, full scale Surgical Care and well trained professionals ensure the reasonable and prompt medical check-up and the most effective therapy.

In order to provide a high quality healthcare service we focus on the followings:

  • To construct and operate an integrated quality management system (EN ISO 9001:2008, based on Hungarian Health Care Standards) to improve continuously the medical attendance activities (prevention, diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation) and to increase the competitiveness of our institution.
  • To discover the needs and expectations of all patients and involved parties (by customer satisfaction surveys) and to cover them at as high level as it is possible (VIP ward, premium hotel services, manager screening)
  • Taking into account the cost effectiveness aspects we operate with proven clinical processes like medical check ups and interventions, health assessments, reliability of the results
  • Secure information and data handling according to the legislations valid at all times
  • Continuous development of our well structured system of terms and conditions and our financial resources
  • In order to make the most of our human resources and achieve our goals we train our employees continuously and systematically and enrich their professional knowledge. We also aim to obtain the qualification of Educational Hospital
  • We help our employees to assert their personal ideas and intentions
  • In case of any complaints after immediate investigation we take the necessary actions

In order to improve the standards of patient care the Hospital takes into consideration the expectations and controlling aspects of the Hungarian Health Care Standards.
The partners of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital are also expected to contribute to the implementation of its quality assurance policy.

In order to realize and develop continuously our quality objectives the engagement and participation by all of our employees are indispensable.

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