Pastoral services

In case of need for pastoral service we offer to call a pastor of any denomination to the patient’s bedside.
Priestly services provided by the hospital: Confession, Communion, Holy Anointing, Spiritual Conversation.
Every Saturday morning with the exception of the summer period.

On request of seriously ill patients staying in the Hospital a Catholic priest can be called to visit them and strengthen them with Christ’s holiness.

On request the hospital informs the patient’s own parish.

24 hours phone number: +36-1-213-9620

Pastoral Care

We recognize the importance of spirituality, sense of sacredness, and religious identity and practice in health and healing for all patients no matter their age, race, ethnicity, national origin, language, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, or spiritual beliefs.

Pastoral care and psychological support

The service is provided by a team of experienced and specially trained nurses, doctors and clinical psychologists. Talking things over can help relieve some of the distress you may be feeling.
It covers a spiritual care and offers a confidential psychological care
service for patients and their families.

Spiritual care

The hospital provides a team of chaplains from a variety of faiths and denominations including Roman Catholic Church, Jewish and Muslim. The chaplains are available to offer spiritual care for patients, families and staff. You do not have to be religious or go to church to see a chaplain.

Hospital chapel

There is a chapel within the area of the hospital on the fifth floor of building A of the hospital (take the lift to the 5th floor of building H).

It is always open, but for details of services please refer to the chapel notice boards.

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